• Cut your energy costs! Products designed and made in the UK. Proven to dramatically reduce or energy bills.
  • We design, manufacture and install gas, power & water energy reduction products aimed at the Pub, Restaurant, Hotel & Clubs markets, from a single building to corporate major chains.
  • Smart Heat, boiler heating manager device has proven to reduce a buildings heating cost by up to 55% yet keeping the customer areas at the required temperatures. Proven savings of approx. £3000 per year.
  • Cellar Manager, a simple to install device that monitors the cellar temperature (at beer level), outside temperature, cellar door positions, bar working hours and the real time chiller duty cycle. The collected data is processed to then control the cellar chiller for the best possible energy performance, while maintaining the correct beer temperature. Proven savings approx. £1100 in energy per year.
  • Free Air cellar cooling, using a powerful wall mounted fan to pull in cold air from outside once the outside air temperature drops below 10C. Proven savings approx. £1000—£1300 in energy per year.
  • All our products can be simple standalone energy reduction devices or linked to the internet for real time energy monitoring, verification or estate management. Gas, power or water meters can also be monitored as required.

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