Smart Heat Boiler Control

The Smart Heat system can be retro fitted in a few hours to any gas or oil boiler and in monitored trials has proved capable of reducing gas usage by up to 55%.

The Smart Heat collects real time data from the boiler flow and return temperatures, the inside and outside temperatures and the existing boiler control systems.
This data is then processed by our unique algorithm within the Smart Heat and then controls the boiler adjusting its settings for the optimum energy. This process is carried out every 5 minutes, 24/7 to ensure the best setting are achieved throughout the day and night and throughout the year.
The system has a remote room controller which provides the system with a unique closed loop control and also gives the user limited control within pre-set parameters.

The Smart Heat reduces the boilers dry cycling to increase boiler efficiency and boiler life. The Weather Compensation provides variable boiler control optimising gas usage against the actual weather conditions.

Optimum start facility learns how quickly the building reaches it desired temperature and brings on the heating at an optimum time prior to the buildings occupancy.

Night time set back keeps the building at a set min temperature during the night, so the boiler does not have to work so hard in the morning start to reach the required building temperature.