Smart Python Timer

Cellar Remote Coolers use an average of £1.30 per day of electricity, resulting in a cost of around £475 per year.

Given that a pub is closed for an average of 12 hours per day, it is possible to turn off each remote cooler for an average of 8 hours per day. This saves a third of its energy usage, saving in the region of £150 per remote cooler every year.

Smart Python Timer is a simple device that can be programmed to suit specific opening hours, shutting down the cellar remote cooler during the night, saving 33% of its energy use.

• Designed in an IP56 rated enclosure to withstand the cellar environment.

• Wired or plugged into the remote cooler, making it a part of the drinks cooling system.

• Turning off the remote cooler off at night, saves additional energy as it stops the unit from producing heat. This in turn reduces the load on the main cellar cooler again saving money.

• Pre-programmed for night time saving of 8 hours but this can be altered to suit specific times if required.

• Designed to be wall mounted and simple to install.

• Maintains Beer Quality.

• Return on Investment in 6-7 months.