Cellar Manager

The Cellar Manager saves 30% of the main cellar cooler energy, by the principle that the beer in the beer kegs increases in temperature at a much slower rate than the surrounding cellar air temperature.

The Cellar Manager monitors the surrounding influences on the cellar such as the internal and external temperatures, door positions etc. and then controls the main cellar cooler, by switching it off and on as required. This maintains the beer temperature at 12 degrees, not the surrounding air temperature and optimises the cellar cooler power usage. The resultant energy savings have been tested and proven to be an average of £850.

Automatically reduces energy used in the cellar in and out of working hours.

Now in use with Whitbred, Marston’s, Greene King, Young’s and others.

• Automatically turns off the outdoor condenser in high cost energy periods.

• Reduces noise pollution by turning off the outdoor condenser unit, especially at night.

• Monitors and checks the cellar temperature every 15 seconds.

• Calibrated cellar temperature displayed.

• Pre-set working limits and alarm can be set up.

• Visual indications clearly show the cellar condition. If cellar gets too warm the cellar manager will bring on main cellar cooling until the correct temperature is restored.

• Display can show data logs such as real time duty cycle, hours run, door position, accurate cellar temperature etc.

• Has the option to be linked to the to the cellar doors so an alarm will sound if the door is left open for longer than one hour.