Energy efficient Cellar/Airflow installation for Young's

Sponsor: Alasdair Hosey

Young’s Pub Company set out with the objective of making their cellars energy efficient whilst also creating workable office space where possible within current cellar footprint.  The majority of Young’s sites have subterranean cellars due to their location around the central London area.   

The objective of energy efficiency and working space was achieved by segregating the overall cellar area into a chilled space suitable for dispensing and storing of ales and beers and an un-cooled space for storage and office areas. Also any heat making machines such as remote coolers and ice making machines were move out of the chilled area into the non-chilled space.

To assist in the saving of energy within the revised underground space, Young’s decided to install an Airflow free air system. This not only provided fresh cold air into the chilled part of the cellar when the outside temperature was below 11 degrees, saving energy on cooling but also it was able to extract hot air from the non-chilled office areas.

The Airflow system also gives the advantage of bringing in fresh air into the cellar. This not only provides a much improved working environment but also greatly assists in the reduction of the build-up of mould within the cellar.  

After survey Technik2 was able to provide a solution to the installation of the Airflow and the experienced underground installation team was able to carry out the work alongside Young’s building contractors.

Being underground cellars and very different layouts, made the installation of the Airflow free air system complicated and one Technik2 competitors could not perform.