Airflow installation for Whitbread

Sponsor: David Clague

Whitbread’s estate wide roll-out, Airflow ‘free air’ energy saving system.

Technik2 manufacturers and installers of the Airflow free air system have completed an estate wide roll-out of 400 installs for Whitbread’s Restaurant and PINN sites.

Initially ten test sites were installed to prove and justify the energy saving capabilities of the Airflow system. These sites were monitored and the results proved successful and verified the estate wide roll-out.

The 400 site roll-out was completed in the designated time scale of seven months by the Technik2 installation teams. The installation was carried out timely, quietly and cleanly by the teams, with no issues of disruption experienced by the on-site restaurant or hotel management.

Whitbread’s are now enjoying the benefits of the Airflow system installs with an estimated saving of 8’000 KWh per site per annum and this will continue for many years to come.