Airflow System

The AirFlow free air system acts in conjunction with the normal cellar cooler. When the outside temperature is below 10°, the Airflow wall mounted fan is activated bringing in the ambient air to chill the cellar to the required 12°. This satisfies the requirements of the cellar cooler thermostat and keeps the unit switched off saving significant power usage.

Now in use with Greene King, Marston’s, Whitbred, Young’s, Heron and Brearly and others totalling over 1,500 installations.

The savings are made because a normal cellar cooler will operate at between 40p to 60p per hour to run. The AirFlow operates at 2p per hour.

How could this benefit you?

It is generally agreed between refrigeration engineers that during the winter period (November - March) that the cellar cooler is working for around 10 hours per day. It is during this period when the temperature is below 10 degrees that the Airflow provides the most benefits.

Business rates for electricity are 10p per KW per hour. The figures below are based on a 5KW main cellar cooler at 10p per KWh or 50p per hour.
General monthly costs for the main cellar cooler and the AirFlow system are as follows:

5KW Main Cooler: 30 days x 10 hours = 300 hours @ 44p per hour = £132.00

200 Watt AirFlow: 30 days x 10 hours =300 hours @ 2p per hour = £6.60

Monthly saving calculation £132.00 - £6.60 per hour = £125.40 per month x 5 months (Nov to March) equals £627.00 in total for the winter period.

In addition to the winter period, there is also a significant number of nights during the seven month ‘summer period’ when temperatures are below the 10 degree threshold. This offers further savings of approximately £130.00, making an overall annual saving of around £757.00.

"Technik2 are the only company in the UK and internationally to provide both above and below ground Airflow installations".